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Whole Mama Yoga is yoga, community, and commiseration for all phases of motherhood– from preconception to parenting. Through Whole Mama Yoga, we offer prenatal and postnatal yoga classes and workshops, prenatal yoga teacher training, motherhood retreats, private movement sessions, and more!

On our regularly updated blog, you’ll find yoga sequences, tips, humor, and philosophy for our readers on the path of motherhood, whether you’re looking for fertility support, prenatal help, postnatal support, or mama-community.

We hope to foster that community both online (through questions, comments, and guest posts and in our private social media groups) and offline (in our classes, in our workshops, our yoga teacher training offerings, and in private sessions).

Our mission is to provide yoga resources, education, and community during all parts of motherhood. We believe in supporting motherhood in an authentic way, and we strive to recognize the beauty, challenge, and absurdity in the experience of being a mama.

Whole Mama Yoga: Yoga for all of motherhood.


Lauren & Alexandra


About Lauren and Alexandra


Lauren Sacks

Yoga has served as my means of reflection and stability since I began practicing upon my graduation from college in 2000.   It is my constant, and has served as such during my transition to adulthood, various jobs, numerous moves, relationships, and life changes.  Although I had always assumed that I would become a mom, until my son Simon arrived in 2011, I didn’t fully understand the impact that motherhood would have on my life, both on and off the mat.  Now, as a mama of two, thank goodness for yoga – for the strength it provides, the community it creates, the inner awareness it cultivates, and the sanity it offers.

Though, intellectually, I’ve always known that change is the only constant, pregnancy and the transition to motherhood were both very strong reminders.  Yoga helped me surrender to the joyous (and, often, highly uncomfortable) ride of pregnancy, and provides me with (some) presence of mind in the midst of the maelstrom of raising two young children.

As women and mothers, the pressures, contradictions and challenges can be overwhelming. Yoga, a strong community, and a good sense of humor are paramount to self-compassion and sanity.  And self-compassion and sanity are key (!) to maintaining some semblance of wholeness in the constant quest for balance that is life (motherhood) as we now know it.  That’s the thing, for me, behind Whole Mama Yoga.  “Having it all” may or may not be possible, but the practice of yoga and the emphasis on occasional adult time-outs has been key in my brain having it all together (or, more together than it would be otherwise).  I believe that yoga can help in providing that sense of wholeness, regardless of whether you are just starting to contemplate pregnancy, are awaiting the birth of your first child, or are actively parenting toddlers or teenagers.

I love my work as a yoga teacher.  In addition, reading, sewing, thinking about DIY projects, cooking, and spending time with friends (often while eating food I haven’t cooked) are big interests of mine. I live in Carrboro, NC with my partner, Roy, and our two children, Simon and Laine.

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Alexandra DeSiato

I became a mama at age 35, after years of having a dedicated yoga practice. Approaching pregnancy, being pregnant, and arriving on the shores of postnatal island all seriously changed that yoga practice—both on the mat and off.

The gifts of yoga and motherhood are similar. Both make us more present. Both make us more patient. Both ask us to dig into the deepest parts of ourselves. (Yet only one requires the changing of so. many. diapers.) Because of these similarities, we can use yoga as preparation for and support for all that motherhood requires. It’s a tool for the challenges of getting pregnant, being pregnant, and being a mom to little beings who require us to show up as our authentic selves (for better or worse!)

Yoga gives us the breathing space, the thinking space, the moving space, and the being space to be a Whole Mama. Yoga has been a source of renewal and strength for me, and it’s been my rock during the often-unpredictable experience of mothering.

Yoga offers mental and spiritual dimensions, and it also connects us to a community of like-minded mamas. The poses and sequences support our physical, birthing bodies. Prenatal women will find yoga a helpful preparation for labor and postnatal women can use yoga to reset their bodies for long-term health. (My real passion is offering information on how yoga can be a tool for postpartum healing and strength-and-stamina building for motherhood!)

In addition to being a yoga instructor, I’m a runner, avid hiker and backpacker, college English professor, and Pilates teacher. I live in the Carrboro, NC with my husband Alex and our sweet little Seraphina Rose.

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Lauren’s prenatal yoga class really helped me to realize both my strengths and weaknesses while pregnant. I found that I could deal with pain much better than I previously thought. This helped me to have the birth I wanted. I also learned to not push myself, something I am prone to do, and to accept the limitations of my new body.
— Gretchen Levine
While there are many things that I love about going to your yoga classes and many things that I have learned, I think one of the most important lessons that I have taken away is the importance of taking time during my busy week/day-to-day life to reflect and focus on me. During pregnancy, that meant prenatal yoga was my special, reserved time to just focus on and enjoy my pregnancy (which goes so quickly)! And now, with baby #2, I love having that time set aside each week ONLY for Baby #2. No sharing—just me and baby. It helps me maintain balance.
— Janelle Meadows