Easy Moves for Postpartum Hip Strength

Postpartum mamas, do your hips feel wonky? Mine did. Carrying and birthing a baby can take a serious toll on your hips and your stability. Here's the good news: time helps. And yoga helps, too. One of the most important things you can do for your postpartum is begin to build strength in your glutes. You can definitely do squats holding your baby (more fun than it sounds!), but if you have a few moments and a wall, you can try these bridge pose moves to start firing up your seat. (And yes, I do love to write about bridge pose and how good it is for your postpartum body. For real. It's a good.) Put baby down for the night, throw on stretchy pants (they were already on, let's be honest), set your glass of wine on the coffee table and check out these bridge pose moves at the wall: