The Good Parts of Pregnancy


This week, we have a guest post from Sara Owens.

I recently attended part I of the Whole Mama Yoga prenatal / postnatal yoga teacher training. (If you’re a yoga teacher, you should attend. More on that later.) We spent the week delving into all of the icky parts of pregnancy that typically bring a woman to a prenatal yoga class. A sweet friend who is very newly pregnant asked, “Isn’t there anything GOOD about pregnancy?” I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant, which means my first response was “uhhh…fat ankles?,” but there are plenty of lists out there that will echo my laments, so I’ll spare you. Here are some things that are truly awesome about pregnancy (that aren’t all fairies and rainbows and “you get a baby at the end so it’s all worth it!")

  1. This one is obvious, but there really is freedom in having higher caloric needs. Eat up, mama!
  2. You can wear whatever you want! I recently attended a symphony wearing yoga pants (they’re all that fit). Don’t feeling like dressing up? No problem! Want an excuse to go shopping? Great, you need a new dress because yours don’t fit anymore!
  3. You’ll probably get great skin, hair, and/or nails.
  4. Sometimes unexpected things happen. I’ve been a life long eczema sufferer; my skin has been beautifully clear and itch-free for 9 months.
  5. Big boobs are fun! Show them off if you want.
  6. You can get out of any social function you previously agreed to. “I’m tired” or “I’m puking” are excuses that will never be challenged.
  7. Traffic will part for you. You barely have to look before crossing the street (but you should)!
  8. Leg hair, don’t care. I’m definitely still physically capable of shaving my legs (thanks, yoga!). But everyone assumes I can’t, so I don’t. (You shouldn’t feel pressure to shave your legs, pregnant or not, but an extra excuse is always nice.)
  9. You will not wait in line for the restroom. You’re almost guaranteed a “go ahead, honey” if there’s a line.
  10. You don’t feel any pressure to suck in your gut in photos. Even better, it’s CUTE to cradle your belly, even if said photo op immediately follows an Indian food buffet binge.
  11. Everyone smiles at you. People just love pregnant women.
  12. You don’t have to worry about being hit on. When I was just beginning to show, I noticed a man checking me out. I placed one hand on the top of my belly and rubbed it in that “pregnant lady” way with the other. Creepy dude ran away so fast. No words were necessary. It was glorious.
  13. You know that coworker who always drives you nuts? You finally get to tell her off. Just apologize and blame it on “pregnancy hormones.” Don’t worry, she’ll still absorb what you said.
  14. You can send your partner or friends to the grocery store at any time because “baby wants ice cream.” If they say no, you can cry at the drop of a hat anyway (thanks, hormones!), and they’ll quickly be out the door in search of your food request!
  15. Nesting is truly amazing. Your house will never be cleaner, and you’ll have this fabulous energy boost to do it! Go ahead and make sure you know where the nearest thrift store is; you’ll be taking car loads of stuff you finally realize you don’t need anymore.
  16. Finally, expectant mother parking. It is a great perk anywhere, but is extra special at Whole Foods, where we all know that the parking is a total mess. I’m seriously considering staying pregnant for the rest of my life just to avoid the fights when I want to buy my damn Kombucha already!

And an update! Sara gave birth to Alexander (Xan) Cade Owens on June 18th! He has a full head of hair and is clearly going to have her gorgeous smile. Baby and mom are doing fantastic.