Coming in June: Whole Mama Yoga Training

Want to teach pregnant mamas? Get certified with us!

Want to teach pregnant mamas? Get certified with us!

When Lauren and I began this adventure—partnering together to write about, teach, and further our studies of prenatal and postnatal yoga , we quickly found common ground in our feelings about pregnancy and motherhood. Mainly, we both abhor the sense of "preciousness" that comes attached to all things mama and baby. Perhaps because we were seasoned moms by the time we connected, we were well aware that motherhood is more trench work (and sometimes trench warfare) than the butterflies and roses sold to us culturally.

That isn't to say that our babies aren't completely stinking precious, because of course they are. But going into each morning of being a mama, I don't count on that preciousness; I don't expect the parenting experience to be precious. My expectation on a daily basis is that I will be tired, and I will be get less done than I planned, and my daughter will need me in new ways that challenge me. I know that's the agenda, and I'm on board with it. Sometimes I do find my sweet, sleepy little daughter precious, and in those moments I kiss her fuzzy head and snuggle her a little more.

But mostly, aside from the exhaustion onslaught, what I feel is a sense of awe, wonder, and mysticism. Being a mom brings out in me the same qualities that a deep, fulfilling yoga practice does. I feel more aware that there is a subtle layer in the world that is beyond what we can see. Moving my body with my breath and finding rest on the shore of savasana brings me that. Watching my daughter laugh with delight over peek-a-boo brings me that too: a sense that the world is deeply suffused with spirit and light and hope and divinity. And when I see the depth of it all, well: roses and butterflies pale in comparison.

That's the attitude Lauren and I bring into Whole Mama Yoga, and it will be at the heart of Whole Mama Yoga Training. Our first training begins at Carrboro Yoga in June, and we can't wait to build even more bridges between motherhood and yoga, as the intersection between the two is so rich. We will cover the requirements of Yoga Alliance's Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, but our offering goes so far beyond that: we have much to discuss about fertility, pregnancy, the postnatal period, and the experience of being a mom and yoga practitioner. We can't wait to look at poses, philosophy, and all the experiences that encompass motherhood. We want to offer the very real tools of yoga to mothers, yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, childbirth educators and anyone else interested in holding space for whole mamas as we do. If reading this resonates, please join us. If you feel inspired, but you're not sure if this is the right training for you, get in touch with us. You can find out more about the training, including dates and pricing here, and you can always reach us at